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Asics engaged the services of Enquire IT for a numbers of years, in my capacity as the Operations Director for EMEA I can say that the professional service provided by Enquire IT were outstanding. 

Enquire IT supported us in the rollout of Navision to all our subsidiaries around Europe, providing excellent training to our users and management. 

At the end of the implementation, we were always satisfied with the level of support and training provided by Enquire IT, our users in the subsidiaries were always very complementary and satisfied with the clarity of the training, the delivery of the training was always given within the context of Asics culture, speaking our cultural language and definitions, so our users always felt that Enquire IT was part of Asics and not just any company hired to provided the training. 

I would highly recommend the services of Enquire IT.


Jorge Jimenez

EMEA Operations Director 


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